About us

More than just furniture

It began with a need...

It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention. Necessity gave birth to our company. With 20+ years of property management experience the single most difficult issue that occurred was the lack of quality furniture rental. The options were low quality furniture, poor customer service or partial solutions that required multiple vendors. No one offered the entire package. After years of frustration it was finally time to take action. EZ Furniture Rental was born.


More than Just furniture

With my vast experience in property management for both residential and corporate customers understanding what the market needed was obvious. Solutions, not just furniture. A single point solution that includes quality furniture, stylized decor, accessories, and service. It has to come together in one package. A complete solution.


Quality, Convenience and customer service

Exceed the customers’ expectations and provide an experience beyond just furniture. This is our driving guideline in each and every setup. Make the environment a home. Candles, potpourri, toothbrush, coasters, artwork are all necessary to exceed expectations and provide an ultimate customer experience.

EZ Furniture Rental is a proud member of the

Landlords of Linn County